Sunday, March 30, 2014

Patrick Chaney & Cat Woody

This subcranial effluence was deposited in a bottle of Yohimbe, which is described by Pat to be "Like if you just ran five miles, stopped & had a boner."

I agree Pat.  This music is very po-tent-iating.

Thank you Woody & thank you Pat for coming to my birthday!  It was a super relic.  Let's make more time for beein'.

More gift tapes up soon!

Kind with love, 


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nick Rocco

A score of new images from Nick Rocco !
Ashtray's Just a Petting Zoo


Daejon Poster

Hunk Joust



Rock & Rollster


Titicaca #1

Titicaca #2

Troll Foods



Monday, March 5, 2012

Paige Bradley

I met Paige Bradley at Cal Arts when we both attended for fall 2007 and went on to become close friends with her when she attended RISD in 2009.  We've maintained a friendship since she's moved to NY where she's currently living, and it's been fun keeping up with her & her projects.
Cave Drawings exhibits work that is sad & conversely content & shyly revealing.  I find this stuff to be "opium for the soul" as it let's me feel & be with my feelings & broadcast them as she does.
Cave Drawings #1

Thanks to the folks at the Armageddon shop in Providence for my copy of the zine & to Paige, who got me the high quality scans !

Happy March,

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Brother Daniel

Earlier, before the new year, I had a day with My Brother Daniel, a local noise-electronic artist from Salem, MA & had the supreme pleasure of taking his interview.

I met MBD at a show at Gay Gardens in October that was an all out lively mess.  I saw him perform, then Dino Felipe, This Heart Electric, & Hypnic Jerk while enjoying myself to the utmost.
I was quite taken with MBD's performance so I spoke to him right after his set.  He introduced me to the venue really well, and I was taken with his hostage.  He told me about Dino & Ricardo & his own projects & came off very knowledgeable.  I bought a tape from him and our friendship began.

The day I taped the interview I showed up at the train station & MBD came & got me.  We quickly got to his place and he had a few minutes to show me his apartment, get me tea, and show me his equipment before our friend arrived & soon we set to work.

My Brother Daniel has a new release scheduled for February 27th with Dino Felipe, which when released will be available to for purchase & download here:

Enjoy his latest release at this very moment:

My Brother Daniel will be performing at Raw Meet # 4 this saturday happening at the Smokey Bear Cave in Allston.  Make your way !

Have the happiest imaginable early spring,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alchemy & Renaissance Bohemia

             In the past & recent year, I have devoted a significant amount of time & study to Alchemy & the "heavenly" cosmos.  Early on, I came across "Atalanta Fugiens" by Michael Maier & was very taken with it !  It's a book of images with composed, simple chamber music to accompany each image.  The book is a series of woodcuts of flat imagery with symbols from, or elements of the Great Work within it.  The music is made of fugues which are repetitious & overlapping, like in a round.  However, changes within the round to descending or ascending pitches of singing in different lines desolve in the rhythm.  The voices then meet again to sing together the final words of each line.
              I stumbled upon this excellent compilation of songs called "Renaissance Music in Bohemia" when googling the name of the performance group, "Ad Cameralis & Ad Vocem" & Atalanta Fugiens, in hopes of finding it's CD release.  I found this site: in czech and was stoked to find the link still in use.  I did all the leg work of transcribing the words in to the itunes format so I'm happy to present this as a gift for all readers:
                  As you may have already seen this has a selection of Atalanta Fugiens on it, and I must say it is the very best I have been able to find.  I originally found it on youtube posted by user agir3 (much thanks to you).  I hope you enjoy the selections & the rest of the compilation !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Found a link on a Discogs marketplace posting of a Diagram A release for 


and am decidedly stoked on these.

These videos have in terms of kinesthetics or proprioception a vivid interaction with the mind.  the audio is very calming and the visuals very clear and bold. it left me with a strong feeling of being high !

it's a little like an i-dose but maybe more like a magic eye, enjoy with caution !

posted with permission of the artist

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nick Rocco

Over Tide

Nick Rocco's santa swap 2009

1. Hey don't bit your tongue
2. Crooked time, the weight will come
3. Bots at the Hive (bird pail)
4. Y/O
5. Class underground is street
6. Rhythm of stairs
7. Moon of mine (vine in mind)
8. Walt kelp
9. Bleach shirt
10. Cloth moth
11. Agile burns his stuff
12. Tinder
13. Over tide

Agile burns his stuff


Rythym of stairs


this home-made disc was given to me at the santa swap of 2009 at Nick's house in Brighton, MA.  it turned out to be one classic album in the year two thousand one one, putting us together despite his living in Korea.

for those unfamiliar to Nick's music it has the lo-fi sentimental feel of ariel pink with a softer ambience accompanied by indistinct vocals.

when i got the album i got stuck on the trackless info in my music player, and i got the idea to name the titles myself, so i named them calling the album originally "Reese Perro"

Nick's thoughts in an email dated 2/9/2010:

       Alot of these are really great. It's funny to see someone's interpretation of the lyrics, since I purposely obfuscate them to the point of being left open to interpretation. i'd like to use a few of these over the original titles, but I thought it was particularly funny that you chose to name a song "bleach shirt" that was originally titled "filthy jeans" (weird, right?)

       Also I'm not sure why, but the album art you sent is not appearing

i'm glad you liked it though. we should have a jam sometime in the near future

posted with permission of the artist:

happy fall nick !,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eric Copeland

The Market Hotel
Brooklyn, NY
A set on a bill with Fuck Buttons from thanksgiving 2009, circa Al-Anon & Alien in a Garbage Dump

1. Al-Anon & Zed
2. King Tits Womb & Alien in a Garbage Dump
3. Scones and Bull & Lemons
4. FKD


(click to enlarge)

this record features Eric's poem printed in the booklet.  the audio is reversed but the poem reads through the backwards audio.

Nicky Smith, an interviewer from SpliceToday gets information on this:

ST: You lived in Morocco within the last two years or so. What was the experience like and what did you accomplish there?

EC: My wife and I spent about three months there in 2010—we saved some money and lived cheap. I traveled without any musical equipment, so I started writing while there and ended up with a recording that was released by Fusetron called Aladdin. Not really sure where it all came from. Certainly not for everybody.

ST: How was Aladdin written? How did you get yourself in that cut-up state of mind?

EC: It's not so much the cut ups that attracted me but the strength of words. I don't usually focus much on words in music. I was not able to speak much during my time there so I developed a slightly skewed attitude towards English and Aladdin was the result.  

Released back in 2010 it had a 1 per person limit from fusetron and a full release of 100 copies.  

Posted with permission of the artist:
© Eric Copeland 2010, DO NOT REPRODUCE without permission of the artist

Demon Exercises
(Ball Out Ra Jesus)

hand sewn book with handmade cover, 50 copies.  
found this at Desert Island, a comic book shop in Brooklyn.  quick response from them, and shipped it on the same day.  bought the last copy in the store !  sorry !

Posted with permission of the artist:
© Eric Copeland 2010, DO NOT REPRODUCE without permission of the artist

Eric's latest LP for $18 here:

Eric's newest EP for $7 here:

happy trails, luke